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Open-source technology, informed by the principles of the EU's PSD2, our software propels Open Banking worldwide, granting individuals enhanced autonomy over their financial services while fostering more direct and richer relationships between financial institutions and their customers.

Benefits & Features

Direct Communication Between Customers and Financial Service Providers

The AgnostiPay Software strengthens and deepens client relationships, ensuring a more personalized, convenient and trusted financial experience.

Amplified API Utilization

Through AgnostiPay Software’s decentralized architecture and the elimination of intermediaries, we facilitate an unprecedented growth in potential API connections, resulting in a substantial uptick in API calls.

Revolutionizing Data Interactions

Harness transaction Playbooks for enriched data insights, catalyzing a spectrum of services from escrow and KYC/AML to personalized profiling and privacy-first engagements. Dive deep into avant-garde open-banking models, pioneering a new era of financial products and services.

Unified by Open Protocol, Empowered by Collective Effort

AgnostiPay’s open-source approach transcends traditional boundaries, inviting stakeholders to pool resources effectively. Our open protocol is a beacon for collaboration, streamlining processes, and capitalizing on shared knowledge.

Why it works

EU: leveraging the PSD2 law

By legal stipulation, personal access to all banks in the European Union is directly assured through the PSD2 regulation. AgnostiPay harnesses this, facilitating a comprehensive open payment infrastructure that unleashes a myriad of products and benefits for end-users and ecosystem stakeholders.

Globally: Ready to catch the open banking wave

Uniting the financial world, one account at a time. AgnostiPay’s robust framework is designed for scalability, adaptable to any financial service provider that advocates direct personal API key access. Geographically, our global focus ensures we’re primed to integrate seamlessly not only in regions that endorse regulatory concepts akin to the EU’s PSD2 framework but also in territories driven by open banking principles. This positions the individual at the helm, granting them unequivocal control over their financial services. With open banking APIs projected to drive over 55% of banking revenue growth and a staggering 29% of traditional retail-based revenue streams at stake, the tide of open banking is surging. Ride this wave with AgnostiPay, and let’s shape the financial future together.

Empowering Agile Collaboration in the Payment Landscape

Through open-source development, AgnostiPay cultivates a fluid environment that fosters collaboration and the effective pooling of resources. This shared approach to crafting core payment infrastructure is essential as future-forward financial services require integration with countless partners. By treating this vast foundational infrastructure as a collective necessity, businesses can direct their energy and innovation towards unique differentiation, setting them apart in a competitive marketplace.

Embracing the Wallet Evolution

At AgnostiPay, our vision is firmly centered on the undeniable rise of wallets. With a strategic wallet-first approach, we don't just acknowledge the shift, we're at its forefront. Studies reveal that more than half of consumers in pivotal markets have already embraced digital wallets, surpassing the usage of traditional credit cards. We're not just observing this transformation; we're empowering and driving it.

Unlocking Seamless Payment Contracts: Elevate Merchant-Customer Relations

At AgnostiPay, we provide Payment Service Providers with a powerful solution tailored to enhance your merchant-customer relationships. Our open-source payment technology stack empowers you to seamlessly integrate advanced rule-based payment contracts between merchants and consumers. This innovation strengthens customer engagement, boosts conversion rates, and does so cost-effectively, giving your organistion the competitive edge it deserves.

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